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Top 10 revision tips!

14 May 2015 | Student | Studying

#CambTweet is a popular initiative run by the Cambridge Students’ Union on Twitter where current undergraduates tweet about their daily life. It’s a great insight into studying at a top university and gives prospective applicants the chance to ask students questions directly.

Recently, Sam decided to ask the #CambTweet-ers for their own revision and study tips ahead of the upcoming GCSE and A Level exams. Here’s what they had to say…


1. Looking at past papers is a top bit of advice…

2. … as is trying to ‘teach’ the material to someone else (or a pet!).

3. Definitely read the course spec.

4. Think about visual stimulation to help you learn!

5. Some subject-specific advice for Maths-y exams…

6. … and for those of you doing more essay-based subjects.

7. Be sure to organise your time.

8. Pick a nice place to work!

9. Maybe warn the neighbours beforehand.

10. And finally, remember to take breaks and reward yourself.

Have you got any other suggestions to add?



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