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Christmas in Cambridge

19 Dec 2016 | Rachel |

Christmas is less than a week away, but I’ve already had several Christmas dinners, heard all the Christmas songs there are (even in the clubs…) and exchanged Secret Santa presents… welcome to Bridgemas!

Most people go home for Christmas in early December, so all the celebrations were squeezed into the last few weeks of term. Bridgemas falls on November 25, but there were plenty of events dotted around – I went to Downing’s Christmas formal, the Geography society Christmas dinner at Robinson College and Downing’s annual carol service. Being in my third year, all of these were bittersweet as I knew that it would be the last time I would do all of these with all the friends I’ve made at Cambridge. All the more reason to enjoy it while I can!

Christmas in Cambridge means that town always looks lovely – the frost on the paddock in Downing on the way to lectures, the dramatic sunsets from my room (even if they are at 3pm…) and the Christmas lights twinkling outside every shop. There have been a few days where the sun never came out, but when you can find a good coffee shop – which is very easy in Cambridge – and hide away with your laptop it didn’t seem to matter so much! The city centre has been buzzing with people doing Christmas shopping for a few weeks now, and all the shops are getting into the spirit – I’ve even got Santa hats from two of the nightclubs in town…

Right at the end of term I stayed on after lectures had finished to helped to welcome students arriving for admissions interviews at Downing too, and we’d tried to make the waiting room just a little bit Christmassy with lights and decorations. Fingers crossed for everyone who came up to Cambridge over the last few weeks – I hope you enjoyed the experience and best of luck for good news in the New Year. See you in 2017!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us in the Tutorial and Admissions Office, including our bear Bruce!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us in the Tutorial and Admissions Office, including our bear Bruce!


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