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STEP Support Programme – free online resources for university mathematics applicants

STEP is an additional mathematics examination, taken at the end of Y13, which forms part of conditional offers to applicants for mathematics and some related degrees at Cambridge, and some other universities.

STEP is designed to test candidates on questions that are similar in style to undergraduate mathematics. Although demanding, preparing for STEP gives you a chance to engage with interesting, challenging mathematics, to stretch yourself and to develop the mathematical reasoning, independence and confidence needed in an undergraduate mathematics degree.

Developed by the Cambridge Faculty of Mathematics and NRICH, the new online STEP Support Programme ( is designed to help potential university applicants develop their advanced problem-solving skills and prepare for sitting STEP.

The programme includes free online modules for individual additional study. Each module assignment starts with some warm-up exercises, followed by preparatory work leading to a STEP question. There is also an online discussion forum, mentored by Cambridge students and staff, where you can ask for help and hints if you get stuck. Supportive self-evaluation and development material will be published after each assignment, after you’ve had some time to work through the module, to help you assess your progress and identify areas that need more work.

The STEP Support Programme resources are free and open to everyone.

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