Downing College is committed to encouraging bright students from all backgrounds to consider applying to university. Our work with schools and colleges seeks to promote educational opportunities and raise aspirations. In particular, we seek to encourage people whose families or schools have little experience of higher education to consider applying to Cambridge and other universities.

As part of the University of Cambridge Area Links Scheme, Downing works particularly (but not exclusively) with maintained sector schools and colleges in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset. The College organises a series of visits and events throughout the year for students in Years 9-13. The map below shows all of the 100+ schools and colleges we have engaged with in some way since January 2013. If your school is missing, we’d love to add you – please have a look at the visits and events we offer.

Please visit our contact page to get in touch with Jess regarding upcoming visits and events or our outreach work, or if you have any questions about admissions, life or study at Cambridge.

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